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Since we're not getting much use out of the macscostume LJ...

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Don't feel pressured to create a DW account and join there if you don't feel like leaving LJ. But for the purposes of having a blog where we can actually use it, update it, and post tutorials and pictures without giving any users a headache, it seems like DW is a decent alternative. And I snagged the community while they have open account creation. DW also allows for logging in with OpenID, so you can use your LJ name that way I believe.

There's nothing in it now, but I would really like to start using these community services to maintain a sewing/crafting/costuming blog, where all members can post tutorials to share with the world. That way if we do a workshop or any member has something to share, they don't have to try to create their own individual blog to do so. Central locations are good.

Maybe we'll even use it to maintain the Swatch Library and the Tool Library that we were always talking about.

Infos and reminders!

If you hadn't already checked out the info on the mailing list, here's another quick reminder that won't get buried in your inbox (but maybe on your f-list lol)...

The MACS bylaws are currently up in the files portion of our yahoogroups. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/macscostume/files/

They will remain there for perusal, and after a majority approval at the next meeting will become our official bylaws. I'll find a way to make a permanent link to them, maybe we'll use this post as an archival link to the file.

And the official MACS rate for CostumeCon28 is in the email, I don't want to toss it up publicly because everyone and their brother who lurks on LJ shouldn't know about the deal Henry is giving us. Don't forget to join or at least watch costume_con because information posts come across there too.


To be updated as time goes on, but I had a request to put this up here in case anyone has trouble with the mailing list and its updates.

MACS Monthly Meetings

3rd Monday of every month
Westgate Mall center court (until further notice, we may need private space soon)
7pm - 9pm

Most meetings involve agenda items for upcoming events and conventions, discussions on costume- or con-related matters, and a show-and-tell of anything you're working on or just bought down the hall at Hancock or Bead Bin.

February meeting: Monday, Feb. 15th
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Silk question

Hey all,

I am a silk noob. Seriously. I don't own anything made of silk, and I have never used it in my costumes. T.T I am using a lightweight dupioni for one of my Costume Con creations, and I am trying to be super careful, because I don't want to mess up the fabric. Silk is expensive!

Anyway, I have successfully handwashed the fabric. It is somewhat wrinkly from the drying out process. Does anyone know of a good way to get the wrinkles out? Can I iron it with a low heat setting? Should I wash it again and find somewhere to lay 6 yards of fabric so that it stays flat? Or is steaming an option?

Thanks! XD
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A challenge from the SLUTS!

I will crosspost this to the mailing list when I'm a little more coherent...meanwhile...:


When: Monday , May 10, 2010

Where: The Oriental Landmark Lanes (http://www.landmarklanes.com/), Milwaukee, WI (just 2.75 miles from the Costume-Con 28 hotel)

What: A fun couple of hours knocking down wooden pins with heavy spheres

The St. Louis Costumers Guild Artists Bowling League is issuing a challenge to all bowling teams (and non-enthusiasts alike) at CC28 to join them in winding down the con with a little off-site pin action. Don’t have a team? Doesn’t matter! Don’t bowl? Who cares! Come laugh at the rest of us!

Provided 30 people are willing to show up, the Lanes will open early at 3:00 pm. The group rate will be $10 per person for 2 hours, which includes shoes. The bars will open, so the beer will flow. We’ll order in pizza! You bloggers, tweeters and FB’ers can cover all the action (read: gutterballs)!

What is the Artists Bowling League? It was one of our group projects some years back. Here’s the skinny: http://www.casamai.com/slcg/Bowling.html. Make up your own team shirts – decorate ‘em as you like.

Contact me via email or at the con so we can get a head count of people actually bowling (we already have 10-15 so far) and so we can get an idea of how many need transportation. Then, we’ll see you May 10, for some “Snow Plows” and “Goose Eggs”!


This is a challenge put out from Bruce Mai, of the SLUTS. What do you think? Who's a bowler and wants to get in on this before we fully end the fun of CC on Monday? Since, you know, the bunch of us only have to drive back to Madison by the end of the night...

Also, don't forget to join or watch the costume_con community for updates on CC28, including the important current information that they are running a special $70 rate if you buy your membership now - they extended the cutoff until the 15th because word did not get out as quickly as they wanted. So if you haven't bought your membership yet, don't delay! Info is on the CostumeCon comm or our mailing list.

That's all for now. *updates comm*

Some links for you guys

Hey hey...

johinnabara and I picked up some business cards from some of the vendors at CostumeCon that we thought we would pass along.

Historical Cookbooks, Costume books: www.poisonpenpress.com

Reconstructing History: www.reconstructinghistory.com

CABOCHONS: these folks sell glass cabochons of various sizes, shapes, and most basic colors. I was ogling their blue and red rounds in all sizes, and I bought some oval ones to possibly replace the beads on Sasarai's cuffs. They only have an email, though: Tchipakkan@tds.net - email and ask what sizes or colors they offer if you need a cabuchon, they also have some bead settings and findings.

I also have a list of men's costuming resources, but there were a lot of links so I'll only pass them on as needed.

BTW if you haven't seen our photos from CostumeCon27, they're in johinnabara's journal. :)

ALSO ALSO!!! If you're planning to go to CC28 in Milwaukee, or any future CostumeCons at all, join the CostumeCon community here on LJ! It is, simply, costume_con. They posted the winners of all the contests and there are a few more links to photos.
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Some upcoming local events


I will not be able to attend this event on account of being out of town for CostumeCon (ironically), but I wanted to throw the info out. Someone remind me to put it on the mailing list too.

Ravenworks is going to be having some kind of vampire party/event at the store on May 2nd, featuring a makeup demo. A professional makeup demo, that is. Considering johinnabara and I will be attending the same kinds of panels at CostumeCon, we hope you guys can get your chance to enjoy some pro makeup tips of your own.

I don't know ALL the details on it, but there you go. Ravenworks is in the Westgate Mall where we've been having public meetings, we just haven't field-tripped there because they're closed Mondays when we meet. Again, lol irony. If you pop by the store, I'm sure you can find out more. And patronize her if you can, because she's doing what I bet a lot of us only dream of - having a store for costume items.

Also...if anyone not already signed up to play is interested, the spring Ring Game is a week plus away, April 18. Cost is $8 to play but free (except for park admission) if you want to watch. Most of us in the group are playing Good. :D